Brigitte's Essential Puppy Training

Foundation Skills That Will Last A Lifetime


“Get to know your little companion & build your relationship on a foundation of love, trust, respect & encouragement.  Quickly you will find yourself in one of the most rewarding relationships you will ever have.


Confidence Building

Impulse Control

Proper Leash Walking

Beginning Focus & Attention

Boundary Awareness & Respect

Identifying & Addressing Undesirable Behaviors Early

such as: Barking, Fear Aggression, Leash Pulling etc...

Dissolving Irrational Fears


Beginning Puppy Manners & Foundation Skills:

Sit, Stay, Wait, Lay Down, Leave It, Off, 

Come, Out, Close, Place,

Go To Your Bed / Den / Place etc...

House Breaking (ring bell to signal)


Puppy Fun:

Paw, High Five, Lay Down, Roll Over, 

Frisbee, Ball Retrieval & Catch,


other fun puppy stuff...




Puppies begin learning from the moment they are born.  They learn from their mother as well as their litter mates about boundaries, bite inhibition, play, socialization, etc...  their experiences the early stages of essential behaviors and social skills.  A pup learns about bite inhibition, how to interact with other pups, boundaries etc... It is crucial that when we bring dogs into our world, that we continue to support their developmental process by providingimportantlessons and guidance during every interaction.


By making training fun, your puppy will not only love you for it, but you will be strengthening your bond & your puppy will learn early on, quickly and enthusiastically what is appropriate behavior and is not.  This is how mothers teach their children (pups & human) how to live properly within their society.


My goal when working with you & your puppy isto guide you to the best most rewarding relationship possible.  I will share with you games to play with your pup that will strengthen your relationship and will teach your puppy skills as wells as to understand and respect boundaries and manners.  I will also show you how to set consistent boundaries, and how being kind as well as respectfully assertive reinforces your leadership .  You will be building your puppy’s self esteem in balanced & fun ways, so your puppy feels comfortable within his or her own place in your family/pack.


SOME TIPS TO CONSIDEr when training your puppy:


  • Make Training Fun & Play Games.     
  • Be Kind, Be Consistent, Be Clear & Be Supportive.   
  • Keep sessions short & focus on one exercise, drill, game, etc... repeating it several times for that determined period. 
  • Take short breaks during a training session.
  • Encourage your puppy & reward with praise.  Treats are good rewards too, but don’t go overboard; make them tiny, healthy & special and use them irregularly.  You want your pup to want to do things for YOU, not for treats.  Remember, your goal is to develop a healthy relationship between you and your dog based on respect & love.
  • Even the smallest step in the right direction is a step in the right direction & worthy of praise.
  • Be clear with your vocal tones.  A correction/direction tone should be low, short & sharp.  A praising tone should be sweet & loving but also mellow.  Remember, like begets like.  If you want to calm your puppy or keep your puppy calm, take a calming deep breath, stay calm & praise with a sweet, smooth, soothing tone rather than a happy, excited tone which is likely topick up your puppy’s energy (this type of tone is great for getting your pup to come to you or supporting a training involving active behavior where increased momentum is being encouraged.)
  • Be patient with your puppy as well as yourself.   Learning a new language, behaviors & skills takes a little time.  Your puppy will pick up on what you want him or her to do when you choose one goal for your training period, stay focused on it and remain clear & consistent.


By teaching from a place of leadership, love, patience & trust you will create a strong foundation from which to build a solid loving relationship that will continue to develop & evolve throughout your puppies life.