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My name is Brigitte Bard and I live in Santa Monica, California with my cool corgi mix, Mr. Fox. I work full time with dogs and their people as a professional dog trainer, and I incorporate and offer daily socialization, dog park trips, exercise & trail hiking as I find these are excellent compliments to private training; it's like sending your dogs to school & camp during the days so they can continue their education in a fun supportive environment.  


My goal is for you to experience the most rewarding relationship with your dog possible.  During our training sessions I will share skills, tips and knowledge to work through whatever issues or challenges you may be encountering with your dog.  And I will strive to make the times your dog is with me as fulfilling, enjoyable, educating and stimulating as possible.  


My services and approach to dog training and animal care are holistic, taking into consideration your needs as well as those of your dog’s, and I take into account each of your individual personalities and how best you will work together.


I choose more natural modalities and approaches when addressing behavior, socialization, diet, lifestyle, fitness, and I design training and wellness protocols specific to each client. 


Although each dog possesses characteristics that make them unique, there are definitely species similarities that respond positively to the tools, games, drills and experience that I share. 


I am excited that you are here and I look forward to helping you develop the happiest and healthiest relationship you can have with your canine companion.

Wags & Woofs!

Brigitte & Mr Fox



 Left to Right: Pasha, Bosco, Jack, Mr Fox, Rufus, Lola, Zara

Left to Right: Pasha, Bosco, Jack, Mr Fox, Rufus, Lola, Zara